UNLI FB TM - Unlimited Facebook Mobile Internet Promos

For those who are looking for the complete list of Facebook Unli Promos of TM.
We are here to give of complete list right now. TM Facebook Mobile Internet Promos is runs until June 30, 2013. Regarding these promos are available and open to TM subscribers only. As we wanting to avail please see the keywords how to register the said promos. We don’t need of maintaining balance for each promos.

ASTIGFB10 – send to 8888 (P10 only)

ASTIGFB15 – send to 8888 (P15 only)

ASTIGFB50 – send to 8888 (P50 only)

ASTIGFB199 – send to 8888 (P199 only)

Take note, TM will send the confirmation message that you are allowed to use the unlimited facebook to your mobile handset.

For more info please visit our TM FB Promos.

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