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Smart UNLISURF - Unlimited Surf of Smart valid of 1 month

Its good to know that our Smart Internet has new high speed of connection which is about for mobile internet and that is reaching up to 2Mbps.
See yah, that's nice when i know the speed is increased. Now if you are looking forward as you wanting to know the price of 1 month Unlimited Surf of Smart here is our price P 1, 200 only good for 1 month. Let's try to avail this promo to get of more experience from Smart Unlimited Surf. Enjoy the 1 month unlisurf by surfing on the internet, connect and chat to your friends on all your accounts like facebook, twitter etc. You can use this unlimited internet of Smart anytime, anywhere, and all day and night.

How to Register 1 Month UnliSURF of Smart?
- to register, text the key Unli 1200 and send to 211
- valid of 1 month unlisurf
- 24 hours of internet, connect to any favorites sites

This Unli Surf is open to Talk N Text and Smart subscribers, Enjoy Katropa!

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