Smart Internet Promo (UNLI SURF) - Mobile Internet UNLI 50 valid of 1 day

The Smart Mobile Internet UNLI SURF is now open and available to all Talk N Text and Smart Users.
How to avail this Unlisurf of Smart,  First thing to do is to activate your Smart GPRS Settings to avail this UNLI SURF 50. This offer is for daily unlimited internet only for the lowest rate price of P50 only. If you want of mobile heavy mobile internet try this UNLI 50. It is available from now and allow you to access of 24 hours unlimited internet in your mobile.

 Set-up first the GPRS Settings just  simply follow the instructions at SMART GPRS Settings.

How to Register UNLI 50 Smart Mobile Internet?
- to register, text UNLI 50 and send to 211
- valid of 1 day unlimited internet (for mobile phone)
- P50 per day to access this unli surf

Enjoy and explore the great offer of Smart. Connect to all of your accounts especially for emails, facebook, twitter, gmail and etc.

Configure the GLOBE, SMART, SUN GPRS/INTERNET Settings of your device here >>> Internet Service Providers & Internet Settings
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